Created by Ed Ward


Since its creation, the Intruder has become the darling of winter steelheading flies; any winter angler worth his or her salt will have a supply of them.


The Intruder has spawned a plethora of variations in color, size, and style, nearly all of which work to some degree. Popular color combinations include blue/black, olive/orange, pink/orange, pink/white.

How to Fish

Present with a traditional wet-fly swing.

Some anglers feel that the Intruder is a great big fish fly--in other words, if there is a willing big steelhead in the run, it will take the Intruder. On the other hand, these same anglers feel that smaller steelhead are less likely to take an Intruder. So if you're fishing with a buddy, one of you could go through the run first with an Intruder, then the other follows with a smaller, less aggressive fly.



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HOOK SHANK: Waddington or similar hook shank. Or use 1X heavy, standard shank, turned-up eye; e.g. TMC 7999 or equivalent, and cut off hook at the bend


HOOK WIRE: "Intruder" wire for stinger hook

REAR COLLAR: White arctic fox, then orange marabou, then red marabou

RIB: Golden oval tinsel, large

BODY: Orange chenille

FRONT COLLAR: Bleached cow elk, then white arctic fox, then orange marabou, then red marabou

WING: Black ostrich herl

HEAD: Large dumb-bell eyes, then finish with black thread