Green Butt Skunk


The Green Butt Skunk is the most popular summer steelhead fly in the Northwest. It catches fish everywhere.


Some tyers use larger hooks and dyed ostrich herl instead of chenille. The ostrich herl has more life in the current.

Some tyers use different butt colors. The most common variation is the Red Butt Skunk, which uses red chenille for the butt. Of course, another common variation no butt at all, in which case the fly is a plain old Skunk.

How to Fish

Traditional wet-fly swing. If the water temperature is below 52 degrees, consider using a sink-tip line with a 4-6 foot leader.

HOOK: Teimco 7999, sizes 2-6


TAIL: Red hackle fibers

WING: White calftail

BUTT: Green chenille

RIB: Fine oval silver tinsel

BODY: Black chenille