Egg-Sucking Leech


This fly is notorious or effective, or both--depending on your point of view. It is a good fall pattern, especially when the water cools and wild salmon are on their redds.

Does it represent anything? I talked to a Rogue River angler who said that on two separate occations he saw a stonefly drifting in the current with a salmon egg in its mouth, and a each time a steelhead slid in and nailed the stonefly, egg and all. He seemed like an honest fellow, despite being a fisherman, so maybe this infamous but productive fly actually imitates the natural world.

How to Fish

Traditional wet-fly swing or use with an indicator and dead drift the fly near the river bottom. In any case, it should travel near the bottom.

This pattern also has use as a trout fly. It is especially effective for brown trout and other large predatory fish when the water is cold and trout are stacked up in deep, slow pools. When fishing for trout, use a count-down-and-retrieve or deep swing presentation

HOOK: Teimco 7999, sizes 2-6; wrap the shank with lead wire


TAIL: Black Maribou

RIB: Fine copper wire

BODY: Black Chenille

HACKLE: Black, palmered on body

HEAD: Glo bug yarn; use pink, orange, chartreuse, or peach. Wrap yarn around nickel or tungsten eyes.