Parachute Adams

Created by Ed Schroeder


This is variation of the Adams dry fly is preferred by many anglers to the traditional Adams, one of the most generic of all dry flies. The fly resembles many different kinds of trout food. You should always carry a bunch of Adams or Parachute Adams in sizes 12-20 (but mostly 14-18) for unknown or unusual hatches or as a dry fly to use when there is no hatch.


A Female Parachute Adams is tied the same way, but with a small bit of yellow dubbing at the rear of the body to imitate a mayfly ready to lay eggs.

How to Fish

Dress with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.

HOOK: 1X fine wire, standard shank, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 100 or equivalent; sizes 14-20


WING: White calftail, tied as a post

TAIL: Grizzly and brown hackle tips

RIB: Brown thread

BODY: Gray Superfine

HACKLE: Grizzly and brown hackle (one or two stems of each), wound around wingpost parachute-style