Sprout Midge


This is a dandy emerging midge pattern. It is well-suited to spring creeks and fussy trout.


Use different body and hackle colors to match other midge species. Good choices are olive, gray, green, tan.

Dave Hughes calls this the "Sangre de Cristo," because he first encountered it in New Mexico when fishing with members of the Sangre De Cristo Fly Fishers of Santa Fe. When I first met the pattern, locals called it a "Sprout Midge."

Tied in different sizes and colors and with a Z-lon tail to mimic a trailing shuck, it makes a fine small emerging mayfly pattern.

How to Fish

Don't dress with floatant; let the wingpost support the fly so it rides flush in the film. Use standard dry fly presentations.


HOOK: TMC 100, sizes 16-22


WINGPOST: White closed-cell foam, tied-in like the wingpost for a parachute fly. Trim close to the hook as the last tying step.

BODY: Black Superfine