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What to Expect in July

Three Creeks Lake near Sisters should fish well all month. The lake offers stocked trout as well as some hold-overs. It fishes more consistently when the weather has been warm. Size 10 winged Ants , Callibaetis imitations, and the usually midge and Woolly Bugger patterns are good options here. Mosquitoes should be expected, so be prepared with repellent.

Lost Lake on Mt. Hood has a great Hexagenia hatch in July. Call the Gorge Fly Shop in Hood River (541-386-6977) or The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches (503-622-4607) to check on the status of this hatch. When fishing the Hex hatch, start with a Burks Hexagenia a couple of hours before sunset. Use a long leader on a floating line. Cast and let your weighted fly settle near the bottom, then raise it up a couple of feet. Then let it settle back down. Use this lift-and-settle presentation until you've taken in enough line so you need to cast again. You probably won't catch anything on the nymph, but gives something to do until the hatch starts. Once the hatch starts (just after the sun goes down), tie on a Hexagenia Paradrake ; use a heavy leader, such as 2X. Let the fly sit for awhile, then twitch it and skitter it around a bit. Since it's pretty dark during the best action, carry a flashlight or headlamp. And tie up several dry flies on leaders; use a loop-to-loop system to hook these up when your leader gets hopelessly tangled in the dark. (This latter event is not a possibility; it is a lead-pipe cinch). The Hex hatch is not the only game here. Try working Woolly Buggers along the edges of drop-offs.

Timothy Lake also has a Hexagenia hatch. Call the shops listed above for Lost Lake to check on the hatch status.

Laurence Lake on Mt. Hood should continue to fish well through July. Use Woolly Buggers during the day and look for evening caddis hatches.

The Middle Fork of the Willamette has good hatches of pale morning duns in the morning and evening, and caddis in the evening.

For more information on July fishing, see the Lakes section of the General Oregon Report

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