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Steelhead fishing is okay, and flows are good; watch the gages carefully, though, because sudden changes will make fishing difficult. A bit of rain should bring more steelhead into the upper part of the river.



November Tips


► Low cold water is the norm for the dam-controlled upper Rogue at this time of year.

► There may still be some spawning wild chinook. If so, you can find steelhead below them, waiting to take spilled eggs, and a good strategy is to cast a two-nymph combination such as a Kaufmanns Stonefly and an Egg Fly, and indicator tactics. Keep your indicator about six feet from the first fly, then use a 12-18 inch dropper for a second fly. Cast the rig over spawning salmon. It will reach the bottom just behind them. Let it dead-drift near the bottom where steelhead should be waiting. Don't harass the chinook or try to catch them. Above all, DON'T WALK THROUGH THE SALMON REDDS! You can identify them by the clean gravel patches amid algae-covered gravel.

► As the water temperature drops into the low 40s, steelhead will not chase down your fly. So if you're nymphing, make sure your fly is truly dead-drifting; even a little drag will kill your chances.


► If you are drifting the river, you need to be a good oarsman this month because of the low water. Watch for rocks. If you're floating through Rattlesnake Rapids (between Dodge Bridge and Tou Velle Park), you're going to bang your boat when you pass through the chute on the right (the only passage); this is not an IF, it's a WHEN.


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