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Major Hatches for November

Importance by half-month
 Super    Major    Minor    Slight    None

Hatches are matched from Westfly's database of "standard" fly patterns.


Size 10-22 Chans Chironomid Pupa, Zebra Midge. Black, gray, olive, red, creams, browns


Size 10-22 Griffiths Gnat, Sprout Midge. Black, gray, olive, red, creams, browns

► Trout can be very picky about size and color of the pupa. You may need to swap flies several times to find the right combination. You can speed up this process by fishing two pupa at once and noting which one the trout show more interest in.

► When trout are midging, a Sprout Midge or Griffiths Gnat can work well, but a pupa pattern is always a good choice.

► Hatches may occur at any time of day in the slack water pools. Look for subtle rise forms, then use a pupa imitation.


Size 2-8 Muddler, Woolly Bugger, Clouser Minnow, Possie Bugger. Browns, olives, silver, greens

Lakes; rivers over gravel and cobble, undercut banks: count-down-and-retrieve, slow retrieve, wind drift, deep swing

► When fishing the slackwater pools when there is no hatch, try an intermediate line and a streamer pattern, such as a Morrish Sculpin, Woolly Bugger, or Clouser Minnow; focus on deeper water near rocks.


November Tips


► Don't be put off by the murky quality of the water.

► Brown trout will spawning this month; be careful not to tread on a redd.

► Look for brown trout in the slackwater pools, and rainbows in the riffly areas.

► Fall trout fishing can be good, especially after the river drops following the end of the irrigation season. But get here early, before the river starts to ice up.


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