Umpqua River, North Fork

River Levels

Clearwater River
abv Trap Ck
0 am 3.36/51 7 30 year
Clearwater River
blw Mowich Ck
0 am 4.68/49 7 30 year
Fish Ck
abv Slipper Ck
0 am 5.00/126 7 30 year
Steamboat Creek
nr Glide
0 am 0.41/59 7 30 year
Little River
near Peel
0 am 2.46/27 72.5 7 30 year
N Umpqua
abv White Mule Ck
0 am 1.49/87 7 30 year
N Umpqua
blw Warm Springs Ck
0 am 5.40/94 7 30 year
N Umpqua
at Tokatee Falls
0 am 3.39/94 7 30 year
N Umpqua
blw Slide Ck
0 am 2.63/263 7 30 year
N Umpqua
blw Soda Springs Res
0 am 2.41/313 7 30 year
N. Umpqua
11 pm 5.43/1170 55.9 7 30 year
N. Umpqua
Wright Creek
11 pm 2.79/883000 7 30 year
N. Umpqua
0 am 2.44/1240 7 30 year



What to Expect in July

Steelhead fishing will keep getting better throughout July. As the canyon heats up, focus your efforts on the low-light times of day. Be on the water at the earliest light for safe wading, and beat the heat and the crowds. Don't wear yourself out during the bright, hot times of the day--take a siesta and hit the river again in the evening. On the other hand, if it's cloudy you can have good fishing all day.

Standard summer steelhead swinging patterns work well here. A sink-tip line is okay, but shouldn't be necessary at this time of year.

Fish should soon be spread throughout the fly water. Don't ignore the stretch above Steamboat, especially near the end of the month. The casting is more difficult, but the crowds are reduced.

For more information on July fishing, see the Rivers section of the General Oregon Report

What to expect in 

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NOAA, Accuweather, Weather Channel
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The Ashland Fly Shop 541-488-6454

The Caddis Fly Angling Shop 541-342-7005