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What to Expect in April

Blue-winged olive
Weedy-water caddis
October caddis
Golden stonefly

Hatches divided by half-month.
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Expect Cinygmula mayflies at midday. Try a size 16 cream-colored or yellow-tan Sparkle Dun . Blue-winged olives are also hatching, and a Sparkle Dun , Parachute Baetis , or Baetis Cripple in size 18-20 is a good choice. Both hatches occur at midday.

Before the noon-time hatches, try a stonefly nymph dead-drifted near the bottom, or (better) a two-fly rig with a stonefly on the point and a Pheasant Tail Nymph or red Serendipity on a dropper.

Look for a large orange caddis. You'll swear it's an October caddis that got trapped in a time warp, but it's a near relative called the silver-striped sedge; same genus as the big October caddis, though. An orange-bodied Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis , or Parachute Caddis would be one choice; about size 8. A better choice is a pupa pattern such as a Bird of Prey. These bugs are on their way out and will probably not be important by mid-month.

Smaller caddis--size 16--will be available on warm days. A tan or olive X Caddis works well here.

March browns hatch here, too, if the weather is mild this month. But before you tie on a March brown imitation, make sure the trout are actually taking them. Just because it's hatching, it doesn't mean the trout care.

On warmer days near the end of the month, you might see the beginnings of the pale morning dun hatch. Also near the end of the month, green drake nymphs could become important.

Red Serendipities and other midge pupa/larva pattern should be in your box. Midges are often of marginal importance here, but there are times when the imitations will work. Watch hatches carefully: what you may think is a blue-winged olive hatch may actually be midges. Carry some Griffiths Gnats as well as Sprout Midges for a dry fly option.

With more daylight, anglers can fish longer and may run into some evening events. Look for size 16 caddis and falls of blue-winged olive spinners as dusk approaches.

For more information on April fishing, see the Rivers section of the General Oregon Report

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