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What to Expect in July

Green drake
Pale morning dun
Golden stonefly
Yellow sally

Hatches divided by half-month.
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Green drakes are fading and will soon be gone. Hatches can occur as early as 11:00 a.m. or as late as 5:00 p.m. If you encounter a hatch, try a Green Drake Paradrake or a Green Drake Cripple during the hatch. You might cast one of these patterns even if there isn't a hatch; toss your imitation to places where you THINK trout are lying. This strategy can work between 4:00 and 7:00 (p.m.) when trout are thinking there might be some drakes around.

Caddis, golden stonefly, and pale morning duns are all on the menu this month. The PMDs are going to provide much of your dry fly action in July. Carry Sparkle Duns, Film Critics, and similar flies in size 18. Hatches could occur anytime in the afternoon and early evening. If it's hot during the day, then doesn't cool off much at night, the PMDs can hatch early in the morning.

A size-18 Rusty Spinner should be in your fly box for evening falls of PMD spinners. Cast the fly into flat water and areas that collect drifting material, such as slow backeddies. Yes, flat water is hard to find on the Metolius, so you're going to have to do some searching. Look for slow water near the bank; it may be hiding under some overhanging tree limbs.

The golden stoneflies--a major biomass on the upper part of the river--are another big attraction in July. They start their hatch season now because of the cool, spring-fed water. If you missed this hatch on other rivers or just can't get enough of it, come to the Metolius in July. A Clarks Stonefly is a good choice. The best stonefly fishing is between the Allingham Bridge and Lake Creek. Don't start fishing the adult patterns until you're sure the bugs are out and that trout care about them. Caddis activity should be good, too. Look for evening activity, and possibly early afternoon hatches. A good rig is an emergent caddis pattern, such as a size 14-16 X Caddis with a Sparkle Pupa on a short dropper.

Little yellow stoneflies (yellow sallies) are another possibility here in July. And you might spot an occasional blue-winged olive hatch; they'll be small: as little as size 20-22.

Stay out of the water if possible--it's harder for the trout to spot you or hear you if you're not in the river. Long leaders of 12-15 feet and with a 5X to 7X tippet will improve your chances on this river.

In general, there's no point in hitting this river before 9:00 a.m.

For more information on July fishing, see the Rivers section of the General Oregon Report

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