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Fishing has been slow. Watch the weather and the river flows carefully.



November Tips


► Every angler in Washington and Oregon knows about the 'Ronde, so don't expect to be alone.

► Optimum flows are 800-1200 cfs, which should be enough to draw fish in from the Snake. A little rain would help. On the other hand, the Grande Ronde can blow out big time during a storm, and can take several days to drop back to a fishable level.

► A floating line might take some steelhead in early November, but when the weather turns cold, switch to a sink-tip line and standard summer steelhead deep swinging flies.

► The best fishing will be between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

► Make sure you have licenses and tags for both Washington and Oregon; good fishing doesn't stop at the border.

► Keep an eye on the weather. The Grande Ronde is in a deep canyon, and you drop almost 3,000 feet to get to the river. The weather on top could be quite different than on the river. It could be a chilly rain while you're fishing . . . and a raging blizzard on the only road home.

► The Grande Ronde is a one of the most appealing steelhead rivers in the West. Not only does the river flow through a beautiful canyon, but it boasts classic water in which traditional tactics and standard summer steelhead swinging flies work well for much of the season, and most runs are obvious to anglers with only modest steelheading experience.


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