Common Name:Herring
Scientific Name: genus Clupea

Pity the poor herring! They travel in vast schools and reproduce like crazy, but only so they can be on everyone's menu. Whales, seals, birds, fish, and other species rip through herring schools like a ten-year old boy through a bag of Oreos--except herring actually nourish their devourer.

Spawning is in shallow habitat. Even the eggs are preyed upon, and after birth things get even tougher: only one in 10,000 herring survives to full maturity. That's life near the bottom of the food chain.

Salmon and sea-run cutthroat feed on herring in saltwater such as Puget Sound. As with other saltwater prey, you'll do best if you match the size of the natural herring in the area you're fishing. Check with a local shop for fly patterns.



COLOR: Silvery with a dark blue-green back

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Deeply forked tail; no scales on head or gills