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Better Fishing in March?
Read One of These!

Winter Steelheading Tips from Rob Crandall. Pro-guide Rob Crandall of WaterTime Outfitters tells us how to "dial in" winter steelhead. Rob also talks about his winter steelhead lodge on one of the north coast's most productive rivers, the North Fork Nehalem. MP3 audio, 13:51

Spey Casting Tips from Mia Sheppard. World champion spey caster Mia Sheppard shares some tips on spey casting. (Video)

Winter Steelheading: Getting the Right Speed. If your fly is swinging too fast, you won't get many winter steelhead. Rob Crandall explains how to do it. (Audio)

Winter Steelheading: Getting the Right Depth. The most difficult aspect of winter fly fishing getting your fly deep enough. Learn how from Rob Crandall! (Audio)

Winter Steelheading: Choosing the Right Fly. Ace guide Rob Crandall talks to Westfly about choosing the right fly for winter steelheading.

Sandy River Winter Steelhead with Marty Sheppard. Guide Marty Sheppard shares a few secrets of winter steelhead fly fishing and the Sandy River. (Audio)

Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing: Indicator Fishing. Fly fishing guide Rob Crandall talks to Westfly about indicator fishing for winter steelhead. (Audio)

Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing: Swinging Flies. Fly fishing guide Rob Crandall talks to Westfly about swinging flies for winter steelhead. (Audio)

Clackamas Steelhead with Rob Crandall. Guide Rob Crandall shares insights and fishing tips for the Clackamas River. (Audio)

Deschutes Blue-Winged Olive Hatch. Some of the Deschutes' best dry fly fishing is in February and March. Tips and tactics from John Hazel. (Audio)

Cast, Then Step. Sometimes it pays for a steelheader to mix up the usual order of things.

Shuttlecock Midges. Early spring offers outstanding opportunities for dry fly midging--if you've got the right patterns.

Pale Evening Duns. Pale evening duns are a major late-spring/early-summer hatch on many western streams. What works and what doesn't?

Tying Midge Pupa Patterns--Part 1. Spring-time is midge-time. But most commercial patterns don't measure up. And what can you do about it?

Net Spinning Caddis. Net spinning caddis are a major food source for Western trout. What flies and tactics work for each stage?

Western Hatches: Sculpins. Late winter and early spring, trout love sculpin patterns.

Western Hatches: Small Brown Stoneflies. Small brown stoneflies--some of which are black, not brown--are an overlooked winter hatch.

Go Below for BWO. Is a dry fly the best answer during a Baetis hatch? Not always.

Western Hatches: Streamers and Nymphs in Winter. When it comes to winter trout fishing, it's not all midges and Baetis.

Fishing the Blue-Winged Olive Hatch. Fly fishing for trout this month? Better know how to fish the blue-winged olive hatch!