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Clackamas River

Tuesday, February 21, 12:56 p.m. PST

Current River Levels

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Oak Grove Fk / near Gvt Cmp

7 30 year

2.09 / 203

11 am

Oak Grove Fk / above intake

7 30 year

6.03 / 844

11 am

Oak Grove Fk / at Ripplebrook

7 30 year

2.82 / 256

11 am

Clackamas / Above Three Lynx

7 30 year

4.59 / 4390

11 am

Clackamas / Estacada

7 30 year

14.79 / 7070

11 am

Clackamas / at Oregon City

7 30 year

29.44 / 10300

11 am


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What to Expect in February

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You should find a few hatchery steelhead at the beginning of February, with native winter steelhead arriving late in the month. You'll probably do best after the weather warms up and a little (not a lot) of rain falls.

The stretch between the Feldheimer and Barton boat ramps has good fly water, and the Barton-Carver section is also decent. Below Carver there is less fly-friendly water. There is also good bank access near the two McIver Park boat ramps. Private property limits access to the Clackamas, so it is difficult for fly anglers to fish this river without a boat.

Large flies with a beefy profile can work well in winter when using traditional tactics. Egg Flies can be productive when presented with indicator tactics. Use the latter tactic around rocks and ledgy areas.

Look for a river stage of around 12.5-13.5 feet on the Estacada gage. After a major rain, the Clackamas drops and clears more slowly than other rivers in the area.

The Eagle Creek tributary used to be a good February option. There is amble bank access via trails and turnouts along the road (boating is not an option here). Eagle Creek clears very quickly after a major storm. You want to be there within 48 hours after the rain stops or slows down. Use indicator tactics for most runs on Eagle Creek. Look for places where the water slows and deepens or runs at moderate speed through a slot. However--this once strong hatchery-based run has faded in recent years, and you check with a reliable local source before heading to Eagle Creek.

For more on February tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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