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Clackamas River

Saturday, December 3, 6:03 p.m. PST

Current River Levels

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Oak Grove Fk / near Gvt Cmp

7 30 year

1.78 / 115

4 pm

Oak Grove Fk / above intake

7 30 year

5.32 / 518

4 pm

Oak Grove Fk / at Ripplebrook

7 30 year

2.19 / 109

4 pm

Clackamas / Above Three Lynx

7 30 year

2.49 / 1910

4 pm

Clackamas / Estacada

7 30 year

12.76 / 3020

3 pm

Clackamas / at Oregon City

7 30 year

26.26 / 4390

3 pm


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What to Expect in December

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There should be some winter steelhead in the river, and more should enter in the last half of the month. The lower section--below Carver--should hold the most fish in December, although there is not as much fly water there as farther upstream.

Both traditional tactics and indicator tactics work well on the Clackamas in winter. Use the former in the runs, and the latter near rocks, rocky points, slots, and ledges.

Due to private property, it's difficult to fish very much of the Clack without a boat. However, there are numerous convenient boat ramps.

Look for river levels less than 13.5 feet on the Estacada gage. After a major rain, the Clackamas drops and clears more slowly than other rivers in the area.

For more on December tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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